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Get Your Fix the Green Way: Reusable Coffee Cup


If you’re like me, you like to start every day with a fresh cup of joe. And, I’d guess most of you work in offices that have a good supply of mugs to use. But what about when you’re on the road? Or on the weekends when you are really craving that cappuccino?

Here’s a simple tip that will help save both the environment and some cash. Bring your own reusable coffee cup every time you buy coffee.

Did you know that during the manufacturing process, paper coffee cups are laminated with a plastic resin called polyethylene (PET)? This helps keep beverages warm and prevents the paper from absorbing liquids and leaking — but the plastic also prevents the cup from being recycled.

Need more convincing? Let’s take a look at the numbers: 16 billion paper cups are used for coffee every single year. This translates to over 6.5 million trees cut down, 4 billion gallons of water wasted, and enough energy used to power nearly 54,000 homes for a year.

Plus, many coffee shops offer discounts to customers that bring their own cups (at Starbucks, it’s a 10 cent discount). More importantly, though, by switching from paper cups to reusable cups, you’ll also help save paper, reduce chlorine used to bleach cups and lessen your contribution to landfills.


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