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Zero-Waste Journey: Bathroom

Practicing a zero-waste lifestyle is one of the fastest and easiest strategies that people can implement to immediately reduce their environmental impact.  Our Zero-Waste Home series provides a list of easy steps you can take and start your zero-waste journey.  

Zero-waste bathroom

  1. Use 100% recycled and unbleached toilet paper individually wrapped in paper. 
  2. Use baking soda as antiperspirant.
  3. For shaving, (re)use a safety razor.
  4. Refill your bottles with bulk shampoo and conditioner
  5. For body/face soap, find a package-free solid soap. To exfoliate, use bulk baking soda. 
  6. Switch from toothpaste to homemade tooth powder (see Recipes), in a glass dispenser. Use a bamboo toothbrush.
  7. All you need for your nails is a nail clipper, stainless steel file.
  8. Forget about Q-tips, they are not good for you anyways.

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