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Zero-Waste Journey: Closet


We totally understand if after KonMari-ing your home you still have lots of stuff in your closet. If you're anything like us, than we recommend you check check out these tips the next time you're considering a new piece of clothes. A zero waste closet transition is much easier than it it sounds. It happens with a bit of creativity, elbow grease and an absolute avoidance of gimmicks and cheap sales. What I would recommend, as you start on your zero waste closet transition, is to UNSUBSCRIBE from all of those marketing emails. Keep a few brands that you absolutely love, but stay away from fast fashion emails. This can sometimes be the gateway to purchasing items you don't need. An email blast stating 50% of the entire Summer line is very tempting, but alas, you won't need those emails anymore. Here are 10 tips to help you along the way.


  1. Stick to minimal clothing and shoe purchases.
  2. Only shop a couple times a year to avoid compulsive buys.
  3. Buy second-hand clothing
  4. If you must buy new, buy quality with minimal tags (leave the shoe box at the store).
  5. Be ruthless on fit, if it fits well, you’re most likely to wear it.
  6. Bring a reusable bag for your purchases.
  7. Donate worn/unworn items.
  8. Keep some of your worn-out clothes for rags and label the rest as “rags” for Goodwill to recycle.
  9. Learn a few sewing tricks.
  10. YOU CAN ALSO… take it to the tailor for a better fit so you’ll actually wear it, and keep a handkerchief in your purse/bag

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