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Zero-Waste Journey: Office


If your home office is anything like our's was, then you'd agree, there is a ton of opportunity for reducing waste. Honestly, off all the rooms in our house, the office was probably the most challenging to convert to zero-waste. We had stacks and stacks of paper, loose markers and boat-loads of paper clips. It was all overwhelming at first but we managed to work out a system. Here's what we learned along the way. 8 tips for a zero-waste office. 


  1. If you have your own business, stop the madness of the free-pen / free-pencil give-aways.
  2. Use refillable pens, fountain pens, mechanical pencils, and refillable white board markers. Donate extra office stuff to a local public school. Trust me, they will love you. Teachers have to buy this stuff out-of-pocket.
  3. Start a war on physical junk mail. Seriously, here is how you can do it in six simple steps.
  4. Reuse paper you've previously printed on. Its great in a pinch. Also, if you need to buy paper choose recycled. It's really not that more expensive.
  5. Ditch the trash can, strive to use your compost and recycling bins exclusively.
  6. Try and print postage and addresses directly on your envelopes.
  7. Reuse paper clips, instead of staples, when possible. Or use a staple-free staplerpastedGraphic.png.
  8. Use your library to read business magazines and books, sell your books or donate them to your library for other people to enjoy.




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