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Why is bamboo good?

Fast growing, quickly renewable and highly sustainable, bamboo is a naturally organic crop that uses no pesticides in its farming. Our manufacturing process is more energy efficient and emits less CO2 than some competitor products. Bamboo, unlike plastic, contains no petrochemicals and is biodegradable at the end of its lifecycle.

What's Joe Cup made from?

It's made with naturally organic, bamboo fiber and combined with non-GMO corn starch and an organic resin binder.

What is the lid and sleeve made from?

They are made from high quality food grade silicone. Both are recyclable.

Will my local coffee shop fill it for me?

Although there's no guarantee they will, we have never had one say 'no'. Some even offer a discount for using your Joe Cup.

Can you put it in the dishwasher?

All components of your cup are fully dishwasher safe. 

Will it break if dropped?

Treat it nicely. If you accidentally drop it or knock it off a table, It should be OK. But if it's thrown, stepped or sat on, it may split.

Will it keep drinks hot?

It is not designed as a thermos, however with its lid on, it will keep your drink warmer longer than a conventional ceramic or takeaway cup.

How does it biodegrade?

When you're finished with it crush it, soak in boiling water and bury it with organic compost. 24-36 months.